How To Find Hygge In Your Home This Winter

Hygge is the Norwegian word for… well, there isn’t a direct translation into English – but it symbolizes coziness and homely comfort.

This is a concept that is well known across Scandinavia and is now becoming popular in the USA and other countries too.

The good news that Hygge is inexpensive to create in your own home and it might be as simple as swapping an old, out dated light fitting for a stylish an ambient inbouw spots LED.


Before doing anything else, simply changing the lighting can really transform a cold, sterile environment in to a cozy, homely one.

Inbouwspotjes LED can be dotted around all over the ceiling, to bring a gentle, ambient glow to any living space.

Built-in LED spots can fit snugly into recesses and shelving. Think about putting these on different levels and at different heights, for the best effect.

Of course, you don’t have to only use inbouw spotjes LED to create the homely ambience you want.

Standing lamps and smaller, table lamps can create the same effect. We would advise mixing up the lighting source in your living areas so you can combine, say a statement standing lamp with some dinky little inbouwspots LED.

To create a true sense of Hygge in your room, we suggest you add a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches now work beautifully with all types of LED fittings – as long as you pick ones which are specially designed to work with them.

Candles are essential to any sense Hygge or wellbeing in the home. But, to be on the safe side, they don’t always have to be lit!

LED candles are now readily available to recreate the look of tea lights and other things can replace the scent – pot pourri and perfume plug ins.

You might be especially tempted to place candles in your bathroom.

If for any reason you would prefer not to, you can cheat once more with the LED candles but also special badkamer spotjes.

These are versatile dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer and can too be made to work with the dimmer switch, to create that extra special and cozy bath time ambience!


If you don’t have an open fire, it is much easier to cheat these days with flame effect fires.

But if you do have one, this is an essential focal area for any room and especially one that you want to bring a sense of Hygge to.

In the living room, or the kitchen, the hearth is central and whether you have a wood burning stove or an open fire, it is important to accentuate it.
Even if you don’t, making a point of your hearth and fireside can still help draw a sense of warmth into the room.


Textures are an important element to creating the Scandinavian feeling of Hygge.

Thick and soft textures, like a plump velvet cushion, are the types of looks to go for.

Hygge is not a sophisticated design, it is about feeling good and comfortable.

Chenille, wool and other warm, cozy materials are great to have dotted around.

These can be easily added to any room, by the use of throws of couches or cushion covers.

Wall hangings are another clever way of adding rich textural elements to a room and they make it look and feel warmer.

Natural materials are paramount in achieving the look and feel of Hygge.

Because this is a Scandinavian concept, the woods which are preferred tend to be blond ones.

Pines and other light-colored wood furniture can express Hygge in beautiful simplicity.

These can be contrasted nicely with rustic elements such as copper metallic accessories and cookware. Don’t forget that inbouw led spots keuken will be a good company to boost your mood.

Remember, the golden rule to Hygge is to take your time and not rush anything. Create your cozy and uncluttered haven bit by bit and always keep it simple.

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