Making Matcha At Home

If you had the chance to try matcha with a friend or at a coffee shop, you may be excited about this beverage. It is the experience that most people have. They try a matcha latte or a drink that has matcha inside. And they love how it tastes. Then you learn about how matcha is very good for the body and you just want to have it all the time! While it is good to stay at one or two drinks of matcha a day, it is definitely the type of drink that you can make at home. Not only will you save money, but you can make it the way you like!


While some people think that matcha is some special type of powder, you should know that it is just a type of green tea. The matcha leaves are prepared in a slightly different way, which includes keeping them in shade for a certain amount of time before they are harvested.

It is why matcha has unique benefits that you will not find in other teas. And the other difference is that matcha is ground into a powder. So when you see a powder, it is just the tea leaves that were completed crushed into powder form.

Matcha Accessories

It is so easy to make matcha that you will ever wonder why you did not do it before! If you want to go all in, you can buy a few items so that you are getting the most authentic experience. Buy a little tea bowl, bamboo whisk and a matcha spoon. These will help you get the true experience.

But you can use a regular glass, small measuring spoon and a regular whisk if you do not have those items. In fact, we suggest to people that you use what you have at home the first few times you make matcha. If you enjoy it and you find that you are making it almost every day, you can invest some money in the above items we mentioned!

Preparing Matcha Green Tea

The preparation process is so easy. Start by boiling water in a kettle. Pour around a cup’s worth of water into a separate container. This will help cool it down a bit, as you should not be having fully boiling water with green tea. It should always be a 10-20 degrees below boiling.

As that water sits in the container and cools down, you can use your spoon and add some matcha powder to your tea bowl or cup.

When the powder is added, you can add a bit of water in there too. Just add enough of the hot water that will let you make it into a paste. Now you take your bamboo whisk and you start making the matcha mixture into a paste. The powder should completely dissolve in the water before you go to the next step.

When your paste is ready, you will add the rest of the water so that you can fill up your matcha bowl. Everyone can add the amount of water they want. Some prefer to only have a total of three or four ounces of water for the most authentic matcha drink. But you can dilute it with more water if you want – just be warned that you will not have as intense of a taste.

Having Fun With Matcha

The beauty of matcha is that if you prepare it with the traditional two to four ounces of water, you can easily mix it with other things! You can add some hot milk and have a matcha latte. You could even let the matcha cool down and combine it with other beverages, like coconut water or lemonade. Check this link out and learn more with matcha

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